Mnyaula's Grade 7 Farewell Party!

Operations Manager Joseph Mushashu provides an incredible update on Mnyaula’s Farewell Party for Grade 7 Students.  Thank you, Joseph!

Mnyaula Community School is the first Impact Network community school to have a Grade seven class sit the National Grade Seven exam. The school falls under the Chimtende Zone where there are only two secondary schools and a few primary schools with a distance of 20 Kilometers between them.

This year’s Grade Seven National Exams were conducted from 31October to 4 November country wide. This is the first bridge in the education system of Zambia from where students qualify to go to upper primary from lower primary. Students sit for 8 subjects from which, outstanding students are selected to attend boarding secondary schools, day secondary schools and upper primary schools. From Mnyaula Community School 38 students out of 41 successfully sat for this exam.

On this day the sky was an ocean of deep blue, the trees were like silent guards; and the branches whispered in the wind. They spoke a secret language to all who would listen. I looked around and I saw babies on the back of their mothers, fathers, boys, girls, students. Of course, I also saw the outgoing Grade 7s, Maxwell, all the teachers from Mnyaula, teachers from Mkhazika Community School, Mr. Bula, a government teacher from Chimtende Secondary School, the villages’ headmen, the PTA executive committee, and our very own Regional Director, Daniel Mwanza.

When I saw all these people I was convinced that this was not only the celebration for our outgoing Grade 7s but also for the entire community and an opportunity for interaction. Rhumba dances, traditional dances, a fashion show, games, a role play, quiz, motivational speeches and sensitization on the importance of girl child education are what made the celebration more exciting. I enjoyed the Rhumba and traditional dances which left the crowd amazed. The sensitization on the importance of the girl child education was as powerful as a nuclear weapon.

It was a worthy celebration for our first outgoing Grade 7 students and their tireless teacher Maxwell Mbewe on their long journey and for making it to the very end successfully. With the exam season drawing to a close, freedom is on everyone’s mind. Having the celebration on the 5th of November, just after the exams really worked so well such that the entire day was filled with a lot of exciting activities performed by the outgoing students, teachers and the parents.

The celebration came to an end with a speech from the Regional Director, Daniel Mwanza where he addressed both parents and the outgoing Grade 7 students. In his speech, he emphasized the importance of the girl child education and he also challenged the parents to support their children’s education. He urged the outgoing students to behave well and help their families with some chores as they are waiting for their results.

The PTA were very happy with the celebration and welcomed the idea of sponsoring the best students. One can only imagine what impact this celebration will have on the outgoing students, on the next Grade 7s at Mnyaula, and on the community at large. If there is anyone who could say he/she did not enjoy the festivities, I have no doubt that that person was not at this celebration.

It doesn’t matter what their ambitions are or what they want to become later on in life. I believe that they did well on their exams and that they are going to prove that they have the ability and talent to become who they want to be. Impact Network wishes them all the best!!                            

- Joseph Mushashu, Operations Manager