Friday Update!

Two big announcements this week:


First – our first class of grade 7 students just finished their national exams!  We are thrilled for them and can’t wait to celebrate with them next week. Huge thanks to our Teacher-in-Charge at Mnyaula, Maxwell Mbewe. After going to training college to receive a diploma in education, Maxwell came back to Impact Network to continue contributing to his community. During the first term of 2016 he undertook additional professional development in computers to improve his teaching of Technology Studies. During the second term, he created a tutoring club for his class so that they could receive additional coursework throughout the break to help prepare for the examinations.  This term, he has been hard at work creating mock examinations for his students so that they are ready for game day.

Second – we received word that we are being given a grant from the International Foundation to replenish technology and provide school supplies at our recent construction projects!  This is great news for our 2017 school year and we are thrilled to be receiving this grant.  Grant-writing is a tough business – collectively, the team here has written close to 35 grant applications this year.  We are excited to bringing a new foundation funder on board to our team.

- Reshma