Day in the Life: Petros Banda

Petros Banda is the longest-serving teacher at Impact Network and was recently promoted to Teacher Supervisor for Zone B. Petros is very kind and works hard to help teachers improve week by week. He always wanted to be a teacher so that he could share his own knowledge with the pupils and help educate a new generation of bright students. Do you want to know more about Petros and his work as a Teacher Supervisor? Keep reading!

Could you tell me about when you joined Impact Network? 

I was actually the first teacher to join Impact Network in 2010. After I completed school, I applied and went for an interview and I have been here since. At that time, we did not have the same technology as we do now, so I have seen the whole process. I have also done several trainings and received certificates. 

How do you get ready for work? 

Firstly I have to prepare all the items I need during the day and I also need to check that the motorbike is in good shape. I have to check the tires and that I have enough petrol to go to the school. When I became the Teacher Supervisor I had to learn how to ride the motorbike - the previous Implementation Specialist taught me, and now I am even able to drive with a passenger! 

Do you have a favorite class or grade? 

My favorite subject is science and I like to work with Grade 1, because you can learn a lot from the young students. My favorite school is Kanyelele, where I worked when I first joined Impact, but now it is not in my Zone.

Do you like using the tablet? 

Yes, I like using it - it is very easy to use. Sometimes I have to help new teachers with the technology and demonstrate how to use tablets and projectors properly. 

What is the most meaningful thing about being a teacher supervisor? 

I like to include learners (pupils, teachers) and see them improve. I also enjoy our Teacher Trainings, when I hold a presentation and discuss the topics with the teachers. 

Do you have any funny stories from your time as a teacher? 

Yes! When I worked as a teacher, the students really liked my classes because at the end of the day I would tell a story. However, I would not tell the whole story - I would tell them that we would continue the story the following day. Therefore all the children would come to school the next day to hear the end of the story!

What did you want to do when you grew up when you were little? 

Since I started school I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. School is very different now from when I grew up - for example, now the pupils are learning a lot about technology. Previously there was a shortage of schools and teaching materials, but at Impact Network the pupils receive all the materials they need. 

Do you tell your family about your day at work? 

Yes, sometimes I call my mother during the day. My mother is a farmer and during the holiday I help her in the field. She grows ground maize, cotton, onions, beans and tomatoes and we also have some chickens on the farm. 

What do you like to do when you are not at school? 

I go to church and sometimes I watch sports or traditional dances. My favorite sport is football, and my team is called Chipolopolo, which is the Zambian national team. 

- Camilla