Let's Celebrate World Teachers' Day

World Teachers’ Day took place on October 6th and we want to thank all of the Impact Network teachers that make our work possible!  There’s an old saying that I’m sure you know – “If you can read this, thank a teacher.” In fact, I recently read the following:



“The depth of the teachers’ influence is in the basic fact that doctors, engineers, journalists, lawyers, economists, architects, accountants, and human resource experts, to name but a few, have all gone through the able hands of a teacher.”



But I would take that a step further.  If you have accomplished anything over the last year, over the last month, even the last week – if you’ve accomplished anything, you have a teacher to thank.  Teachers are not always those in front of the classroom.  They are also the friend who came over in middle school to help you with a math project. They are a parent that stayed up late with you to explain an English assignment. They are the mentor at work who is patient with your failures, and celebrates your successes.  All of our skills come from somewhere and someone who invested their time and energy into helping us succeed.  And they should all be revered.