Reflections and Highlights from our 2017 School Year

This week, Felicia Dahlquist, our Implementation Specialist,  shares highlights from the school year. 

Friday marked the end of the academic year in Zambia. This week students have taken their last exams and closed their books for the year. Our students, teachers and support team have worked incredibly hard over the year and get a well-earned break!

As classes end we are taking the opportunity to reflect back over the highlights of the year and appreciate all the learning that has taken place. First time students have learnt how to write their names along with a whole array of other things and grade 7 students have studied hard to pass their exams that will hopefully take them to secondary school.

This week I asked students, teachers and members of the management team about some of the things they have learnt over the past year. Here is what they said:

“We have learnt many things. We learnt about rural-urban migration, lots of different insects and all the surrounding countries to Zambia. Oh and we also learnt about adverbs!”

-          Esnea, Grade 5 at Chivuse Primary School

Pictured Grade 5 Girls at Chivuse)

Pictured Grade 5 Girls at Chivuse)

"I learnt a lot! I mainly learnt how to interact with friends and people around me. As humans we run out of truths and facts, so we need to ask our friends and colleagues to share their knowledge. I have learnt a lot from my colleague George. We are always encouraging each other to be better. I have also learnt a lot from my students, especially as we were preparing together for their grade 7 exams.

I will say I have also learnt better financial management. When I first started getting my salary I would spend it without a budget. But now I plan and I have gotten better with making it last longer.”

-          Richard, Grade 7 Teacher at Kanyelele Primary School

“I am always learning. This year the biggest learning for me was understanding how to take care of my baby! I learn how to nurse her and cook for her. It has been challenging!”

-          Elizabeth, Grade 1 Teacher at Chivuse Primary School

“This year I have learnt so many things! For example how to do financial reporting and completing other necessary reports. I have acquired some leadership skills, as this year was the first time that I had people reporting to me. I have learnt many functions and formulas in Excel too. During the holidays I am studying business studies and it’s nice to learn things on the job that help my studies and vice versa.

I also learnt how to ride a motorbike- I didn’t know that before I came to Joel in May!”

-          James, Operations Manager for Katete West


So much learning takes place in and around our schools and communities. In many ways our schools act as hubs and catalysts for learning well beyond the classroom.

As we are all on a journey of life-long learning, it is important to take a moment to pause and be reminded of our own learning processes and all the incredible things we can do because of it.

What did you learn this year?