When Food Meets Charity -- P.S. Kitchen and April Tam Smith


When I first heard about P.S. Kitchen, I was excited about what an incredibly socially conscious and environmentally-friendly restaurant they were. After hearing about their founder April Tam Smith, I was even more intrigued. April was born in Hong Kong and moved to the U.S. when she was 11 years old. She works as a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley during the day, but spends a lot of time at P.S. Kitchen at night. Although April is young, she is able to juggle a successful career in finance, philanthropy, and running her own business. Multi-tasking is no easy feat, especially when your day job is as demanding as hers. How does she make time for it all?

Opened in August 2017, P.S. Kitchen is a vegan, plant-based restaurant in Midtown Manhattan that donates all of their profits to charity. They hire individuals who are trying to rebuild their lives, whether they’ve dealt with incarceration or homelessness. They partner with various non-profit organizations, hosting events, hiring people the organizations service, and donating their proceeds. Reshma and Katie just attended an event this past week at P.S. Kitchen and were able to present on the amazing things we’ve been up to with Impact Network. April has created a space where delicious plant-based food, exceptional organizations, and people looking to get involved can intermingle. [And PS, you may get a glimpse of Muhammad Yunus! https://vimeo.com/235631288]


April’s successful restaurant and ability to balance so many passions at a young age reminds us of all of the exciting things our students will accomplish in their lives. Although our students are young, they can already begin doing amazing things! Seeing their shining faces excited to learn is always a wonderful reminder of why we do the work we do -- it’s all for the kids and providing them with a quality education. April Tam Smith and P.S. Kitchen is a great reminder that you can never be too busy or too young to make an impact.

P.S. Kitchen’s famous vegan Beyond Burger will be a featured appetizer at Chefs for Impact this year! Get your tickets to this year’s event before they sell out.