A Long Walk Ahead

I must admit, I am a sucker for these feel good stories and came across a great one recently. Walter Carr, a 20 year old college student in Alabama was scheduled to start his job as a mover, 20 miles from his apartment. Unfortunately, he had a problem. His car broke down and he could not find a ride. He thought about his options and decided to walk. He searched google maps and realized it would take about 8 hours so he ate dinner, took a nap and woke up at midnight to begin his journey, the night before his first day.

Carr jogged some and walked a lot and when his legs began to burn he stay focused on his goal. Around 4AM a police officer stopped to ask if Carr was alright. Carr explained he was headed to his first day of a new job. The police officer asked when he last ate, took him to get some food and then dropped him off at a nearby church because it was safe. The officer needed to get home because his shift was over, but told Carr the next officer would come by and check on him. Carr continued to walk because he was worried about making it to his job on time. A little while later the next officer, Scott Duffy, approached Carr as he was walking and drove him the last 4 miles to his job. They arrived at the moving site, a house, at 6:30 AM and the police officer explained the situation to the home owner, Jenny Lamey who started to cry. Lamey offered Carr a bed to take a nap and some food but Carr insisted to start working. After a successful move, Carr played basketball with the Lamey’s 3 sons. One of Carr’s co-workers gave him a ride home and the next day Lamey started a GoFundMe page with a goal of raising $2,000 to help Carr with his car troubles. Within a day it had raised $44,000! The owner of the moving company, Luke Marklin surprised Carr and gave him his own car. Marklin said “we set a really high bar for heart and grit and …you just blew it away.” Carr was surprised with all the attention the story received but was happy to hopefully inspire someone. “Don’t let nobody tell you you can’t do something. It’s up to us whether we can.”

Carr and Lamey

Carr and Lamey

How far would you be willing to walk to run an errand, go to work or go to school?

For many children in rural Zambia the closest government school is miles away, a distance too far for little feet to walk each day. But many children do and they walk focused on their goal of getting to school because they do not have other options. However, with supporters like you, Impact Network has been able to offer over 6,000 children quality education in communities close to where they live. Many of our students face additional challenges – there is weather, family priorities and other obstacles – but like Carr, they will not let people tell them what they can and cannot do. The commitment of our students and staff inspire me every day and is one of the reasons I look forward to starting each week.


Have a great week!