Moving Boldly Into 2019

What a year we’ve had! The 2018 academic year is drawing to a close, which makes this a good time to reflect on lessons learnt and feedback received, but also to think about how to incorporate these into our plans for 2019. One of Impact’s key strengths is our willingness to experiment and to challenge both our ideas and ourselves and this can only make us better going forward!

How do we learn from this year? Some of the questions we are asking ourselves are:

· Feedback from teachers – did we give them enough support, did we provide sufficient resources and time, were coaching sessions appropriately structured and what improvements can be made?

· Feedback from parents – what do they think about Impact’s program, how often do they interact with their child’s teacher, what are their perceptions on the use of technology and homework, and what changes would they like to see?

· Feedback from learners – what are their favourite things about school, what do they think about the classroom technology, how do they relate to their peers and teacher, and what are their hope for the future?

· Feedback from other members of staff – what lessons can be learnt in terms of data collection and presentation, child protection, safeguarding of equipment, and what improvements do they want to see?


Feedback from everyone is important. We’ve done great things this year – refining our programs, creating new partnerships, taking on special projects and filling much needed positions, but one of the most important things now is to continue to improve. Learning from the feedback is one of the best ways to do this. So, how do we improve moving forward?

· Continued innovation and willingness to change - We challenge preconceived notions of traditional schooling that tend to limit the possibilities and seek to harness the diversity of talents and ideas and passions. We continuously evaluate the performance of the project, highlight the gaps and tap into our collective minds to find solutions. Our course is not set in stone, it grows and changes as our experience and understanding changes.

· Openness – We can learn from others as they learn from us and we are curious about the possibilities. Identifying and incorporating new ideas keeps our delivery challenging and stimulating for the students. At the same time, new ideas ensure our operating methods and service delivery are always updated, innovative and efficient.


Our experience from 2018 is that our staff are resilient, open to change and always looking to improve the ways in which we interact not only with students, but with the communities that we are part of. We look forward to building on these experiences in 2019, learning from the things that were less successful and moving boldly into 2019, stronger and better than ever!