Inaugural Impact Academic Olympics


We were inspired by the current display of athleticism in Pyeongchang, South Korea. While Zambia might not be a conducive environment for the “Winter Games”, Impact Network hosted our very own Olympic Games, “The Impact Academic Olympics”.  On February 17, 2018,  we began our inaugural event!

With this being our first Academic Games, we were not sure what our the day would bring, but we were sure that our fierce competitors (and legendary rivals) from Joel and Kanyelele would bring nothing but their best. We opened the day’s events began with a warm-up for all of our athletes to prepare for a day of fun and learning. The day consisted of two events: The 100 meter Dash and Spell (a spelling relay race), and The Number Showdown (400-meter sprints with math problems as hurdles every 100m). Our events focused on literacy and numeracy, and also added a touch of athleticism and dash of fun.

We closed the day's events with a small closing and award ceremony, which was filled with celebration and smiles because everyone was a winner! Not only did all of our student receive a certificate of participation but they were also able to practice their educational skills in a new, interactive and fun way.

winter 2.png
winter 3.png

I hope our student participants will store this day in their memory bank for inspiration and maybe one day, years from now, we will see one of our scholars participating in the Summer Olympics or even the Winter Games.
Thank you to our awesome team in Zambia who helped make this happen!