Data is Power


A few weeks ago the Impact Network team came together to support the biggest data collection and entry process in the history of the organization! With more students and teachers than ever before, Impact Network believes that it is even more crucial to have as much good information about our students and schools as possible.

Good data helps us to not only provide more help to our students and teachers - but better and more tailored support! It allows us to make informed decisions and be responsive to what is happening across our 44 schools and many different communities. 


But building a school information system to accommodate so many students, teachers and staff has not been easy. The more data we collect, the more creative we need to be in terms of how information is gathered, entered digitally and processed. 

By using a mobile data collection system we have been able to create a lot of efficiencies within the team. Teacher and student attendance is now all collected through the mobile app, among many other things.

Here is a picture of our teachers engaging with attendance and assessment data in a workshop in April. By identifying patterns among students and having access to essential information, teachers will be better equipped to tackle challenges that arise in and around their schools.


The last big piece of the data puzzle is how to process student assessment data. With 6,000 students and 42 unique standardized tests each term- this a big undertaking! Over the past few weeks team members in the US and Zambia have come together to work on this. Led by our intern on the ground, Sharon, this process is almost done! A big thank you to everyone who has worked to make this a reality: Sharon, Noah, Caroline, Jackson, Solomon, Olivia, Lweendo, Richard, Katie, Sofia, Phoebe, Dilip, and Reshma!

Data is power – and now we have so many opportunities to improve the quality of our program even further and facilitate better decision making at all levels. 

Onwards and upwards!