When the world comes together..

Three weeks ago, 12 young boys went missing. When their coach heard of the news, he went looking for the boys, going missing in the process as well. The world was shocked. Where could the team be? Nine days after their disappearance, they were discovered trapped inside a flooding cave.

For weeks, I’ve been anxiously following the story of the young boys and their coach. The whole world was watching. Divers from all over the world flew to Thailand to help save the team, and every day there was breaking news. First it was the news of their discovery, then the news that they could not be rescued right away, the news of the difficulties they would face, and the news of the death of Saman Gunan, an Navy SEAL who died helping them. The divers were unsure if they would be able to extract all of the boys in time -- they anticipated it would be months before they could safely rescue the boys. The caves were narrow, long, and were flooding fast. It was a dangerous task, but that did not deter these heroes.

 The whole world came together to help the missing boys. They were in the thoughts and prayers of millions globally. Divers from across the world helped the Thai Navy SEALs, passing oxygen assembly-line style throughout the labyrinth of caves. Israeli entrepreneurs provided video and voice connections to the boys. The boys’ coach, Ekapol Chanthawong was also a Buddhist monk and taught the boys to meditate to help them through the whole ordeal. All of these pieces, interwoven, interconnected, each working on one piece to help these kids – all of these pieces worked together to save their lives. When the world comes together, we can accomplish great things. People thought it would be months before the boys would be rescued, yet it happened in less than two weeks. There is a lesson in here, and one that the world desperately needs in these times.

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We cannot simply define ourselves by our borders.

At Impact Network, we believe that we must give help where help is needed, regardless of country, race, or religion. And our scholars in Zambia need our support – without our schools, thousands of kids would not have the opportunity to receive a quality education. We do not just build schools and supply tablets. With your support – from right here in NYC to across the globe – whether you are a teacher, donor, board member, or adviser – we can serve and inspire these students to be their best selves. When the world comes together, great things can happen.