Meet Eli - our Summer Event Intern

Hi there!

My name is Eli and I’m the new Events Intern at Impact Network’s New York office! I’ll be helping to plan our annual Chefs for Impact Event as well as helping out with communications and social media this summer. I really believe in Impact Network’s mission and am super excited to join the team!


I’m a junior at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study where I am concentrating on Oppression and the Effects of Colonization and pursuing a minor in Anthropology. I have a passion for learning, and at Gallatin, I am able to take really cool, niche classes that help me understand the world in an interdisciplinary way. Some of my favorite classes include “Race and Criminal Law,” “Media, Democracy, and the New Political,” and “Work, Freedom, and Social Change.” I’m also really excited for my “Politics of Contemporary Africa” and “Democracy and Difference” classes that I will be taking next semester.



Similar to how my studies are all tailored toward social justice, so are my internships. Last summer, I worked as the marketing intern for a women’s networking company with the goal of closing the gender achievement gap in business. I helped plan events, increase social media presence, and increase search engine optimization. I also learned a lot about sexism in the workplace, and I now know how to spot it and combat it. Before that, I was a Jewish Learning Fellow focusing on the intersection of Judaism and social justice. And before that, I was a research training intern at a company that emphasized intersectional feminism and social justice.



I am also really passionate about art and comedy. I rarely travel without my sketchbook, and on the off chance that I do, you can find doodles on any and all of the papers near me. I also love watching stand up and reading satire. Some of my favorite comedians include Trevor Noah and John Mulaney. I think comedy and art are such a powerful tools to help people understand the world in different ways, and they’re also highly entertaining.


A few weeks ago, I returned from my semester abroad in Sydney where I got the opportunity to explore new and exciting places like Uluru, Melbourne, Cairns, Bali, and New Zealand. My travels really opened up my eyes to the problems facing the world, and I realized that I wanted to effectuate change globally, not just at home. And that’s how I ended up at Impact Network!

I’m really excited to be working with Impact Network this summer because I believe that education is the key to a better world. Everyone deserves access to quality education, and I am really eager to do my part and help bring education to kids who, without Impact Network, would not be in school.