Data Makes the World Go Round

The Zambian team is growing and we are excited to introduce our 2 new additions to the team – Data Coordinators, Noah Mzyece and Samuel Shawa.



Noah Mzyece joined us in June, coming from nearby Chipata. He was prompted to apply because of “The vision for Impact Network Zambia [and] the services that are being offered by the organization that aim at uplifting the lives of people in the various communities of rural Katete (East and West), Sinda and Petauke (North and South).”

Felicia says “Noah has been a wonderful addition to the Impact Network team! He brings a positive energy to the office and has taken on the enormous amount of data that we have on our students, teachers and schools with great stride. Working with data requires someone who is detailed-oriented and focused- Noah is just that!”

Noah focuses on compiling all data that is obtained in the field relating to academics, students and schools through a mobile data collection app, paper-based questionnaires and reports. Specifically, he works really hard to collect all of our student enrollment data, student attendance data, EGRA/EGMA assessment results and curriculum mapping.

Felicia’s view is that “With Noah on board, the education team has become much more efficient. The education team is now able to close the feedback loop in a timely manner, getting data back to staff in the field for them to make informed decisions about implementation. In the past month Noah has worked hard to refine our Master Student Database – this is a game changer for the education team!”



Samuel Shawa joined us in July, relocating to Katete from Lusaka. When asked what interested him to apply for the position, he said “Having gone through the work which Impact Network does, that is to provide access to quality education for every child, I was attracted because my ambitions have always been to see equal access to education for all and I thought Impact Network will be my right place to be.”

Sharon Taylor, who directed Samuel’s onboarding describes his as “cheerful, quietly confident young man who has settled into the team as if he's always been here. He has taken to the role like a duck to water and is clearly enjoying the work. And we all enjoy having him here!”

As the operations data coordinator, Samuel’s focus in his first few weeks has been maintenance reports and vehicle logs as well as attendance and timesheets. Samuel sees his work as being especially important to the organization “as it will assist management make informed decisions on the general operations of the projects as well as future plans. There will be efficiency in the reporting of the operations happening in the field which will further lead to the smooth operations of the organization.”

We are incredibly pleased to have them with us as we grow to strengthen our capacity to make a lasting Impact!


 We are incredibly pleased to have them with us as we grow to strengthen our capacity to make a lasting Impact!