National Non-Profit Day: Education Non-Profits We Love

Happy National Nonprofit Day!.png

This Friday is National Nonprofit day! Nonprofit organizations work tirelessly to improve our global community through education, advocacy, innovation, and more! To celebrate these great organizations, we’ve compiled a list of education nonprofits that we love.

  • Speed Schools (through Luminous Foundation): An accelerated learning approach and methodology to help over-aged students catch up and integrate into the public education system at the right level, Speed Schools often supports street children, refugees and children from vulnerable backgrounds access high quality education and open up further opportunities. They have programs in Ethiopia, Liberia, and Lebanon.
  • Roger Federer Foundation: A grand foundation that works to bring quality education to children aged 3-12 that live in countries in southern Africa. They work on empowering communities in order to achieve sustainable systematic change to increase access to education and end poverty.
  • PEAS: An NGO working primarily in Uganda using strong education evidence and data to provide rigor to improving instruction in schools. They also have a great sustainable approach to building community and government partnerships.
  • Dignitas: An NGO partnering with schools in Kenya to build resilience, creativity and strong educational practices among teachers through an innovative approach of coaching and professional development.
  • LitWorld: A nonprofit that works to strengthen children and communities using the power of storytelling. They work in the US and internationally to bring literacy to all children and their parents. Through LitClubs, LitCamp, and World Read Aloud Day, LitWorld helps people share their stories.
  • Jumpstart: A nonprofit that works trains college students and community volunteers to help children in low income areas across the US succeed. These volunteers work  to provide literacy, language, and social-emotional programs to preschool children in under-resourced communities.
  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a nonprofit that offers free online courses in a variety of subjects. They provide free tools to both students and teachers to help bring a free, world-class education for everyone.
  • More Than Me: MTM works to empower girls in Liberia through education. They have developed a sustainable model for education and health in Liberia’s schools. These public schools ensure safe, healthy education and work to protect each child’s human rights.

These are just some of the nonprofits whose work we admire. There are so many other wonderful nonprofits out there as well, and we encourage everyone to support and celebrate nonprofits every day!