Zicomo, Zambia!

After an incredible two weeks visiting our team and projects here in Zambia, I’m headed home today.  A HUGE thanks to the whole Impact Network team who helped to host not only me, but also Josh, our videographer, and my niece, Jhanvi! They did a masterful job organizing who was going where with whom and where they were sleeping. It is always amazing for us to see the work that we do through the eyes of newcomers, so I appreciate their openness.

 It’s hard to sum up the trip in an email, but I wanted to share a few highlights.

  • This was my first time visiting the fully functioning expansion schools, and meeting most of the expansion team. I was so impressed with how much they felt like Impact Network classes.  From everything from the teachers’ lessons to the art on the wall – it felt like I was in our very first school in Joel village.
  •  After observing hundreds of lessons, I met – by far – the loudest students and teachers ever in Petauke South.  I have never seen our scholars so eager to answer a question, so eager to participate, and so eager to learn! 
  •  We had the management team all come together for a braai at the Impact office. With all of the team together, I could see the comradery the team has created between their peers and friends.  We have a young team, but I cannot stress enough how dedicated, responsible, and delightful they were.
  • On more than one occasion, I was caught off-guard by how well the reporting was done.  Before starting off in Petauke South, Hope, Richard and Emmanuel were all on their phones.  You might think they were addicted to Facebook or something, but you’d be wrong! They were all diligently filling out their vehicle log that is reported on a mobile application and then synced to a central server (called CommCare).  It was the best!

I always leave Zambia thinking that my trip was way too short.  But I return humbled and hungry to get back to the work we do to make these schools possible.  Zicomo!