The Power of Ordinary People

Cynthia Nixon.jpg

We’ve heard it time and time again -- “everyone can make a difference.” Yet it so often feels that just one person can’t do much. Actress Cynthia Nixon, however, is changing that perception. This election cycle, Cynthia Nixon is running for governor of New York against Andrew Cuomo, who has been the governor of New York since 2011. Not only is Cuomo the current governor, making him harder to beat, but he started 2018 with over $30 million in his campaign.

Most politicians would accept this as defeat. Typically, the candidate with the most funding wins elections. Nixon, however, had other plans. Nixon refuses to accept any donations from large corporations and instead relies on everyday New Yorkers to fund her campaign. Her grassroots movement has inspired many New Yorkers into believing that each single person can actually make a difference.

Being an outsider to politics and a woman, the odds have been stacked against Cynthia Nixon from the beginning, yet she proved that with the help of everyday people, she can be a serious contender. In six months of campaigning, Cuomo received 1,939 donations while Nixon received more than 30,000 donations in less than four months. Nixon’s campaign would not work if ordinary people did not believe that they could make a difference. Whatever your politics, it’s clear that Nixon has done an incredible job harnessing the power of those small donations.


At Impact Network, we understand that power. We send students to school for just $5 a month. If more people believed in the impact of their actions and donations, think of how many students we would be able to educate! Without Impact Network schools, our students would not have access to education. They would not have the opportunity to learn how to read or write. They would not have the opportunity to follow their dreams. Every change starts with just one person believing in the power of their actions.

Do you believe you can make a difference?