Building the New – Courage, Curiosity and Commitment


Over the past few months, Impact Network in Zambia has undergone a few key changes and new ideas have come to fruition. As a result, we have been able to find better ways of working together. Data has been collected in new and exciting ways, a second pilot of the biometric attendance collection is under way, new tools for coaching have been introduced, different literacy and numeracy assessments have taken place, and reporting from the field has been updated (among so many other things!). But change, in all its’ forms, can be hard. It brings new challenges and tests us both as individuals and as a group.

Socrates once said “The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not in fighting the old, but on building the new.” And we are certainly building the new.

The team in Zambia have embraced change with incredible courage, curiosity and commitment. Their efforts, emotional intelligence and flexibility, amidst many changes is truly inspiring and worth highlighting today.


Teacher Supervisors, Teselia and Masauso, both started working in new sites last week. Getting to know a new place and new teachers can be daunting, but they have taken their new responsibilities in their stride – and I am sure that their thoughtful and creative approaches will lead to success. Letticia and Beatrice, their respective Operations Managers, are equally brave as they have started working on building strong working relationships with their new counterparts.

- Teselia, Masauso, Letticia and Beatrice, your courage is inspiring!

We also have new team members and old staff with new roles, who are working incredibly hard to learn everything about Impact Network and how they can be effective in their positions. Amos (Head of Academics), Samuel (Data Coordinator), John Noah (Education Program Officer), Cynthia (Netgirls Director), Daniel and Emmanuel (Operations Managers) and Edith and Ruth (Teacher Supervisors), have joined the team or been promoted, and have gone above and beyond in their efforts. Their new perspectives will surely help us move forward.

- Amos, Samuel, John Noah, Cynthia, Daniel, Emmanuel, Edith and Ruth, your curiosity is inspiring!

No less important is all the hard work that the rest of the team in putting in to support all the ongoing changes. Their support to colleagues and determination to make positive changes in exciting and highly commendable. Change would not have been possible without their dedication and help along the way.

- Richard, Lweendo, Hope, Karly, Sharon, John, Petros and Maxwell, your commitment is inspiring!


It is with great confidence that I look ahead over the coming months and we slowly start preparing to close the academic year. There is so much to be proud of and so many more opportunities to come. I am excited to see the fruits of all our hard work, as we continue building the new together.