A Helping Hand

Derek Anthony Redmond was born on 3rd September, 1995. He is a retired athlete, and held the British Record for the 400 meters sprint. He also was part of the team that won Gold medals in the 4x400 meters relay in 2986 and the 1991 world championships.


But it is the 1992 Olympic Games that Redmond is perhaps most famous for. In Barcelona, after a very successful first round, he tore his hamstring in the 400 meters semifinals. Despite the injury, he continued to the race while limping. Along the way, his father found a way onto the racing tracks and assisted his son through the reminder of the race. Together, father and son continued to the finish line. As they completed the full lap of the track the crowd gave them a standing ovation. Although Redmond was disqualified and listed as not having completed the race due to outside assistance, the incidence has become a well-remembered moment of the Olympics History. This is the highest demonstration of determination – he set out to complete and finish the race, and he stayed focused on completing the race. HIs father, seeing how much pain his son was in, jumped in to offer a helping hand. It completes a real, human story of such determination, focus, resilience and support. Sometimes all we need in a hand of support extended to us to be able to succeed in life.

Impact Network is providing that hand to approximately 6,000 children who walk long distances to access quality education offered at our community schools. Their teachers are well-supported through mentoring, coaching and training, to be able to provide this education in remote parts of eastern province Zambia that would otherwise not be able to access quality education. Students are learning to read and write, and achieving their highest learning outcomes with our support. The dedication from both teachers and learners is amazing. As we continue this important work, our hope is that we may help our learners to achieve their best as they learn, develop and grow. We never know – maybe the next Derek Anthony Redmond might come from one of our rural communities in Zambia.