Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” —Japanese proverb


Teachers undoubtedly have the ability to change the lives of their students. Most of us can remember a particular teacher that helped shape who we are today. An inspiring and informed teacher is among the most important factors influencing student achievement.

Ten years on, it was all brought back to where it began. 2019 kicked off with the usual weeklong teacher training, but this time it was with all 150+ teachers, and it took place at our first Impact school in Joel village. It was the biggest training our team has ever organized and had the added element of about 70 people staying in Joel village overnight! Thanks to our incredible management team, it was a great success.

In addition to the important administration and sharing of new organization policies, teachers attended professional development workshops that were…

Nurturing and challenging


Promoted rich, authentic teacher collaboration


Gave teachers an opportunity to learn about themselves


Prepared them to guide, inspire their students

Reinvigorated their commitment to the work

Successful teachers stay curious and never stop learning

Introducing, our 2019 Teaching Superstars!


- Karly