eLearning that works.

Over the last decade, thousands of schools have been built in Africa to provide universal access to education. Without trained teachers, strong management, and high-quality learning materials, many of these schools are failing to produce quality results. 

That’s where we are different.

Our eSchool 360 program provides locally-hired teachers with a Mwabu tablet and projector to deliver eLearning lessons, using an interactive curriculum that moves away from traditional rote learning. We give teachers weekly coaching and monthly professional development to help them improve their pedagogical and technology skills.


our evidence

In an independent and external study, researchers from American University found that Impact Network schools cost 70% less than government schools and significantly improve math and reading scores.  

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In 2017, we launched a 35-school expansion with a randomized controlled trial (RCT) evaluation with American Institutes for Research. Our goal is to build a partnership with the government and bring the eSchool 360 to national scale.

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